Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Face?

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Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Face

Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Face?: Assume you’re laying in bed. The light is shining through the curtains, and you notice your cat cuddled up next to you. Your cat is pawing at your face instead of simply lying there contentedly. It may be because he or she is hungry right now. However, there are plenty more possible explanations for your fluffy friend’s behavior. So, have you ever wondered why your cat paws your face?

Your cat may be pawing at your face for a variety of reasons. Catspaw at items like your face to demonstrate love, assert ownership, or mark their territory. Mostly, it’s a sweet expression of devotion from your cat.

When a cat paws your face, it is for the first time that they are not using their claws on your flesh! When this happens, it is really a positive thing, and all cat lovers should look eagerly to it since it confirms the deep attachment you have with your pet. Let’s look at the seven reasons why your cat could paw at your face.

1. Your cat is using their paws to scent you.

Cats’ paws include smell glands. When your cat purrs loudly and rubs its paw on your face or kneads your face, they are transferring part of its fragrance onto you. When other cats come into contact with you, they will realize you are theirs. It is extremely similar to when a cat scratches at something.

That is a different kind of territory marking behavior. Accept this act as the wonderful expression of devotion that it is, and be thankful that your cat does not use its claws on your face in the same manner that it does on your couch (speaking from personal experience on this one).

2. Your cat wants to show love

Cats, like humans, utilize physical contact to express affection to other cats and people. If you’re on the sofa with your cat and he reaches out to touch your face, it might be a sign of cat love, especially if he’s purring loudly at the moment.

As per cat behavior expert Pamela Johnson-Bennett, cats who sit near to you, touch you, and gently blink their eyes at you are expressing how much they love you. If your cat reaches out to gently stroke your face, it’s most likely a sign of cat affection.

3. Your cat wants you to wake up

As adorable and beautiful as it appears that our furry pals want to offer us love taps, it isn’t always the tender indication we believe it is. It may just be our cat telling us it’s time to wake up and feed me. Even if it isn’t feeding time, your cat may be bored and wish you would wake up and spend time with them.

I wish my cat, Meowise would use this method instead of wailing in my ear, sticking his rump in my face, or hanging his big Persian tail over my nose. A gentle paw to the cheek would be a much better and less startling way to wake up.

4. Your Cat Want to Cuddle with you.

Cats prefer to sleep near to their owners because they feel safest when they are close to you. Not only is this a sign of cat affection, but it also indicates that your cat trusts you if she sleeps by caressing your face. Cats, after all, are most vulnerable while they are sleeping.

If one of your cat’s resting postures includes extending out her paws and stroking you on the face, this is a clear indication that she trusts you and wants to snuggle up to you.

5. To Mark You With Their Scent

We’ve often discussed cats’ inherent desire to mark their territory, whether they’re wild or not. The most popular method is to mark trees with urine spray or claw marks. Our tamed house cats aren’t all that different, but there’s another subtle way felines leave their imprint.

Cats have small glands all throughout their bodies, the most frequent of which is on their forehead. When your cat headbutts you or other cats, it’s their way of saying hello and social exchange of odors.

Similarly, they have smell glands on their paws, which they may utilize to mark their territory by scratching the furniture and producing pheromones.

Why Does My Cat Put His Paw On My Face When I’m sleeping?

I believe there is no sweeter lullaby than a cat’s purr and the gentle warmth of their hair when they settle down to sleep next to you, and that must be one of the finest feline compliments since cats will only do that if they feel comfortable around you, especially when they are at their most vulnerable.

Cats will also sleep in various positions and locations of the bed. One of my cats likes to burrow beneath the blankets before moving to my feet, while the other loves to sleep on my pillow. The kitten who sleeps next to my face will occasionally lay his paw on my hair, which frequently ends up on my face.

Touching or grazing on you while you’re sleeping is normally a show of trust and affection, and it might be part of their kneading activity while they’re getting ready for bed. This is normally seen as a good night, but if it happens in the middle of the night, I know it’s usually my cats’ attempt to wake me up and demand my attention. The reason a cat would wake you up by placing a paw on your face varies from kitty to kitty. They could be hungry, they might want to play, or they might just want you to move over.


Whatever the reason for your cat’s preoccupation with your face, one thing is certain: cats want to touch it because they trust you.

Cats would not do this if they didn’t have to!

If, on the other hand, it’s a defensive mechanism, you should pay attention to your cat’s request. After all, we must understand that before we restrict a certain behavior, we must analyze what that action implies and develop ways to guarantee that their requirements are addressed.

Now I hope you know the answer to Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Face!

Written by Julianne Smith
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