Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose?

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Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose

Cats are sweet, cool, and love you a lot.

Well, sometimes they are bit annoying especially when they start doing their “Love Bite”. Hence many people want to know Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose?

If you’ve ever come home from work to find that your cat has started biting your nose, then you already know first-hand what an uncomfortable experience it can be. But how can you tell if the cat is being aggressive or just playing?

This post will give you everything you need to know about assessing the situation, as well as tips for handling it. Oh, and don’t worry — we’ll also answer the question everyone’s been asking since this story broke: Does my Cat Know It’s My Nose They’re Biting? As far as physical contact goes, cats are rather delicate creatures.

Unlike dogs, who may bite the hand of someone they don’t like, cats are not known for putting their mouths on body parts, unless it’s to nurse kittens (or eat fish). Cats rely entirely on their claws to engage in combat with other animals, but they’ve never been known to use their teeth for this purpose.

So we decided to research a bit and come up with cool reasons why your cat bites nose. 😉

Also, In this post we will introduce our beloved kitty “Meowise” as two-three months back he was licking my nose and started biting it. LOL  🙄 

To keep to engaged below is a cool photo of Meowise.

meowise and his nose biting habits
My Meowise

How’s that smirky face?

Anyway coming back to the topic first I will go through the reasons why your cat loves to bite your nose.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose?

In this article, I will explain the theory behind why your cat bites your nose, and what he might be trying to tell you.

Also, I will explain to you how some of these “Cat Theories” are related to my Cat’s behavior. Actually, my cat licks then bite the nose. 😒

Cat behavior is still poorly understood in general. However, experts in the field of cat psych have developed a few “cat theories”, which give us a better idea of what cats are thinking.

Your Cat Is Showing Affection

If your cat/kitten bites your face or nose while you are cuddling him there is a good chance (Very good like 85% 😚) that he is showing his affection towards you.

In simple terms that means your cat loves you.

Just imaging a scenario like this.

You are setting on a chair and your cat jumps to your lap. So you start petting him start from the belly. Now that cat jumps to the desk and starts purring. (Your face is very close to the cat.) Now if you keep cuddling, petting him he will eventually start licking you, first your fingers, hands then your face. This is where he will find your pointy nose. First, he will lick then give it a small bite 😁. Trust me that’s what happens with my Cat meowise.

Or just imaging I am petting the cat in the below image.

cat nibbles my nose

The cat will eventually start nibbling my nose.

In these scenarios, it is very clear that the cat is biting your nose to show affection towards you.

If your cat is doing this you do not need to worry. This behavior is very common in the feline world. (in cat world where all say meow) These are just saying “I love you my owner”. 🥰

It is true that this love bite is sometimes painful, but the thing is your cat does not understand that these “friendly” nibbles may not feel so comfortable to our skin.

Simply put they may bite you on your nose to display love!

Your Cat Wants to Groom You

I know you might think this is a funny reason. Well, it is. But cats usually do this for things they love.

Cats are rarely stinky, at least my cat is. This is due to the fact that cats are very clean animals. They groom themselves frequently.

So what if you are dirty instead of your cat. huh??

Well, according to researches cats tends to clean others too especially, his owner and the kittens.

For example, you just drank milk and somehow some of the milk is on your nose. When you are petting your cat he can smell this yards away. He will think that “hmm, my owner is dirty must fix… meoooooooooowwwwwww” and will start licking or nibbling your nose.

Well, now you will be like Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose? 🧐

Your Cat seeking your attention

If you had many cats since they were kittens you might have observed that when cats are little they tend to bite each other. They are doing this to gain the attention of another kitten to keep playing with each other.

However, it is observed that cats usually stop doing thing when they grow up. But (BUT in BOLD) some cats will not lose this behavior.

So these cats will require more attention, especially from the owner. If they are not getting enough settings for enough belly rubs that cat bite noses 😾(<–Angry Kitten)

Sadly they will keep doing this until you give your full attention to them.

Trust me when I say this, You should NEVER encourage this behavior. As a pet owner, I recommend you ignore these attention seekers.

Your Cat is Marking You

Well, all cat owners are familiar with Cat marking system. Simply put cats goes like, “I like it, I mark it”.

It’s normal for cats to smell their owners.

There are some things you should know about your cat marking you. Cats use the scent glands in their butt, back, and on their face to scent mark various objects. That’s right, your cat is marking YOU!

On the other hand, they mark the things which belong to them. (At least they think.)

If you are wondering Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose one of the reason can be that the cat is marking you as his property.

So if your cat licks and bites your nose that could mean that you belong to the cat from now on. (At least you wash your face. LOL)

Actually, if this is the case it is a good sign. This means the cat has accepted you to be his friend.

You cat is Playing with you

Playing is a serious business for Cats because it provides them with mental stimulation that strengthens their immune system, reduces boredom, and prevents the development of bad habits.

Most often your Cat might think your pointy nose is a chewable plaything. If this happens they will do some student jumps and start small nibbles on your nose or will bite your nose.

If this happens you have to teach the cat that biting your nose is a “bad thing”. you have to teach them boundaries.

Meowise had this bad habit a while ago. I was often wondering “why does my cat bite my nose and chin?”.

After some time I realized that he is playing with me, observing my funny reaction to licking my nose or biting my nose. Later I decided not to encourage this. I often said “No Meowise”.

Your cat is Overstimulated

A gentle scratch on the nose may be a good thing, it can also be a warning signal. The context is crucial in determining cats’ aggressive, fearful or defensive behaviors and, to comprehend the reasons behind why cats scratch or bite we should take an in-depth look at the factors that brought to them doing it.

It’s also likely that your pet may have bitten you on the nose due to excessive stimulation. This happens most often when we pet our pets or rub them in places they don’t like, for instance, the tail or even if we pet their paws.

Most of the time, our feline friends will attempt to communicate to us they’d like us to stop.

For instance, they’ll raise their ears and flick their tails, however when we don’t pay attention, they’ll rely on their claws and teeth to escape.

If your cat became scared it is possible that they switched their defensive bites towards the nearest person to them, which is you.

It’s not easy to determine the reason that makes our cats get into this fight or flight mode.

It may be us as well. It could also be due to new year’s eve fireworks that come from the outside. Regardless this behavior isn’t motivated by malice it’s their survival instinct! Hope this will help you to answer the question What does it mean when cats bite your nose as well.

Your Cat is Giving You a Warning

Sometimes if your cat is suddenly jumping and bites your nose that could mean that you are disturbing him. Maybe you are invading his/her space.

For example, (This happens rarely) sometimes when I’m touching my cat’s ears suddenly jumps and scare me. In these kinds of situations, I often wonder why does my cat lick and bite my nose. Sometimes my cat even gently bite my hand as well.

In this case, you have to respect your cat’s space, just do not pet or rub where your cat doesn’t prefer.

Cats aren’t able to speak the same way as humans So if they’ve had enough of your touches, rubs they might react adversely. However, there is no reason for a cat to bite hardly which is results in nose bleeding. The best option, in this case, is to avoid hurting your pet.

Just read their warnings! If not your cat bite on the nose might result in bleeding.

Hope now you are clear on Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose.

Written by Julianne Smith
I’m an experienced vet who is working mainly with shelter animals. I’ve helped many animals overcome their fear of the vet, taught them how to use the litter box, and treated them for countless diseases. I hope that my writing can help you take better care of your animal companions! Profile
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