Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets?

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Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets

Behind the serious cat face lies a world of comedy, laughter, and craziness. This grumpiness can manifest itself in many ways, and your cat kneading and biting his/her blanket is probably the most unexpected grumpiness of them all!

But why do cats knead and bite blankets? Or why do they bake biscuits? 😹 (That’s what we call this behavior.) At their younger ages, kittens knead and bite at their mother’s nipples to get milk. While most cats outgrow this behavior, other cats find it soothing throughout their lives. By kneading their blanket, cats also claim it as their own, thanks to the scent glands in their paws. 

If you want to know more about this eccentric behavior, look no further! In this article, we’ve gathered all the information you need about why your cat bites blanket and kneads.

Let’s go!

Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets?

You cat is afraid of something

There are many reasons why your cat might knead and bite your blanket, including anxiety. In addition to physical discomfort, your cat may be bored or anxious, and it might be trying to relieve this stress by biting your blanket. If your cat kneads and bites your blanket, there are a few ways to solve this problem.

Your cat’s kneading and biting behaviors may be rooted in fear. This is a natural instinct in cats and may be a symptom of your cat’s anxiety. While blanket kneading is an adorable habit for your cat, it can also be a warning sign that your cat is allergic to a certain substance.

Let’s take a look at each scenario.

If you notice your kitten kneading and biting your blanket, it’s likely your cat is uncomfortable with its surroundings. A few reasons can help explain this behavior. One reason may be because the blanket is something that the cat likes. Oriental breeds, for example, tend to need a longer weaning period than most breeds.

If your kitten seems to be stressing and is biting your blanket, it’s likely that your cat is distressed or is looking for comfort. This is a sign that your cat may have a medical condition and needs to seek medical attention.

Your cat feels dental pain

If your cat kneads and bites your blanket, it might be a sign that he or she is experiencing dental pain. This behavior is common for kittens and maybe a way to call attention to problems. The bites may be an indication of a medical condition that requires immediate treatment. Your cat should see a vet for proper diagnosis.

Showing that he is comfortable with curent situation

Besides the obvious emotional benefits of kneading and biting, it’s also a sign of comfort. This habit is learned in the early kitten years and can be a sign of contentment, affection, or contentment. In addition to being a normal instinct, it’s a good practice to teach your cat the benefits of licking and biting a blanket.

Often my cat looks at me and starts licking the blanket, after sometimes he jumps near to my face and starts kissing me. This is a good sign that he is comfortable with his surroundings.

Your Cat is expressting his “Hunting/ wild” behaviours

The kneading behavior can also be accompanied by biting. Although your cat may be kneading and biting your blanket, it is actually expressing itself in a more primal way. This may be a way to communicate comfortably with you. You can teach your cat not to bite or lick the blanket, but you can distract them with toys, treats, or any other soft objects in the room.

The first thing to do is distract your cat from the activity. Your cat may associate the motion with the comfort of nursing, so if it starts kneading or biting your hands, it’s time to put him to bed. While he is kneading or bitting, try to keep your voice calm and use a gentle touch to break the habit.

Asserting Dominance 😼

If you are wondering Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets asserting Dominance is one of the reasons.

By hurting your blanket they may be trying to assert their dominance. A cat’s kneading and biting is a sign that he wants your attention and your affection. If you’re concerned about your cat’s actions, it is a good idea to take it to a vet. It’s normal for cats to knead and bite a blanket, but if your cat has a tendency to bite things, he is not happy.

If you’re concerned about your cat’s behavior, it’s important to get to the bottom of it. Most of the time, kneading and biting is a cat’s way of showing affection. But sometimes the behavior is more serious, and you’ll need to get to the bottom of it. By ignoring it, you’ll end up enabling it to express itself to its fullest potential.

Should I Be Worred If my Cat Kneading and Licking Blanket?

why do cats bite blankets

A cat’s kneading and biting behavior is an instinctual behavior. This behavior is completely normal for kittens. While some cats knead and bite blankets, others may simply lick and bite them.

Kneading and biting blankets is harmless and normal behavior for your cat. It is a sign of affection and contentment for cats and is a sign of their love. While kneading and biting blanket habits can be very distracting, they can also pose a threat to your pet.

The cat is likely to scratch carpets all through its life. This is a typical cat habit. It is fun and useful. Just be mindful of the time your cat is allowed to “knead”.The cat could lie in your lap and begin kneading to show his affection and happiness. He may not realize that his claws could cause pain if they get into human skin. 🤕

Do not allow your cat to repeat the same thing by consuming anything that could be risky. For instance, certain cats might try to chew on shopping bags and shoelaces and risk-taking in the plastic. You should always stop this kind of behaviour.

Should I stop my Cat from this behaviour?

Actually, it is your decision. But if your cat is obsessed with biting your blanket (going out of control) you should try to stop him.

To stop your cat from his behavior you can start small. As a beginner, you can apply some cat deterrents to your blanket.

Also, you can send out a few warning signals to them. For example whenever my Meowise cat bites blanket and kneads I used to say “Stop Meowise, you bad boy”. I’m pretty sure that my cat understands my worried tone and he knows I do not like this behavior.

Why Do Cats Like Wool?

Finding why cats like wool are not always easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t figure out the answer.

Cats have a keen sense of smell, and they often use wool as a way to soothe themselves. This makes it easier for them to sleep and stay cool during the summer months, plus it helps keep their fur clean in between grooming sessions.

The thing is, wool is a natural product, which means that while all cats like it, not every cat likes the same type.

It’s no secret that cats have an incredible sense of smell. In fact, their smelling ability is far superior to that of humans. They can detect smells better and they can smell in a wider range. So, wool is an excellent product for cats to enjoy because it contains plenty of natural properties that work to eliminate odors.

One of the most interesting facts about wool is that it can absorb a lot of moisture and odor, making it a natural product for destroying smells. There are plenty of other benefits to wool too, which we’ll explore in more detail before discovering why cats like wool.

Since cats love Wool there is a good chance that your cat bites blanket and kneads trying to enjoy wool :D.


As the proud owner of Meowise, I would say it is very normal for a cat to bite, lick and knead your blanket.

It is actually very funny to see cats playing with blankets.

Either way, I see them as cute bakers trying to knead new biscuits 😂.

Hope now you are clear on your question Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets.

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