Do Cats Understand Kisses?

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Do Cats Understand Kisses

There are lots of people who believe that cats don’t understand how to interpret kisses, but they’re wrong. Cats have a way of knowing when someone is trying to play with them or not, so it’s safe to assume that many cats know what a kiss means.

As you already may know, I have a cat Called Meowise. With my experience, I can tell that yes, Cats Understand my Kisses. Why I am saying this? Keep Reading!!

Signs that your cat understands kisses 

He Keeps focusing at you.

Whenever I kiss my Cat he keeps looking at me. In your case, if your cat keeps staring at you with its big eyes that is a sign that your cat knows and understands the affection.

He is Purrringgggg

Well, if your cat is purring that means he enjoys your kiss. This is pretty straightforward.

He won’t stop your kiss

Cat are very territorial animals. Unless you are a very familiar person they won’t like to be petted in their face.

However, if your cat tolerates your kiss that means he trusts you and enjoys your kiss. This is a good sign that your cat understands your kiss.

He will rub against you

This is a very common behavior after you kiss your cat. He will follow you and rub against you for several minutes. Especially your cat will rub his head against your body.

He wil groom you

Your cat will start grooming you till you are totally clean. :D.

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Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Yes!, Cats understand kisses. Above signed are purroofs.

Further Studies done on this subject…

Now we will give some actual examples of kisses that were made by humans and how certain research has shown some possible evidence for cats understanding kisses. It also gives an example of how one person had her cat named Smokey show her some affection after he was treated poorly by some human children, which leads me to believe that this doesn’t make any sense at all.

“This is the first study to show that cats are capable of not only distinguishing between friendly and threatening humans but also of showing different emotional responses to them.”

There are many people who would say that this study is far from being conclusive. The fact that human children tried to mistreat Smokey makes me believe that these findings could be flawed. It shows no reason why Smokey would have shown affection towards his owner. Maybe he was feeling guilty for not being able to protect her? Who knows?

There’s no way of knowing if cats understand kisses, but it’s safe to assume that they do. Some cat owners sadly don’t show enough affection towards their feline friends, which can make their pets feel uncomfortable.

I’m not sure that I can say that cats “know” what kisses mean, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t understand them. Humans are the only animals who perform kissing rituals, so it’s safe to assume that cats would be intrigued by it.

There are many pet-lovers out there who don’t kiss their pets enough. Cats are more social beings than dogs are, so if you want your cat to feel loved and cared for, then you should show more affection towards them. All cats love to be petted and kissed on the head or face, but some people often forget about this crucial step of showing affection. If you want to make your cat feel loved, then here are some tips from a cat expert.

So there you have it. It seems as if cats definitely understand kisses, but don’t go jumping to conclusions. Maybe they’re just acting like dogs and not knowing what’s going on? Who knows, but maybe a kiss is a kiss no matter who is giving it out.

Do Cats Like Kisses or Hugs?

There is no clear answer. This depends on the personality of your cat. For example, if we take my cat (Meowise) he loves my kisses. After our “Kiss Therapy” he will kiss me repeatedly. So for a fact I know that my cat like kisses.

You also have to examine your cat’s behavior and understand whether he love or hate your kisses.

Is it okay to kiss your cat?

YES! it is totally okay to kiss your cat. In fact many people recommend kissing your cat as it improves your connection with your beloved kitty.

Also, keep the below information in your mind as well.

When we think about hugging, we usually imagine a loving relationship between two people. We can’t deny that cats and humans share these same species-specific characteristics.
Cats and humans have the same emotional needs, and they’re both mammals that require constant attention and care (just like dogs and humans).
Just like you shouldn’t hug a person without saying hello first, you shouldn’t hug your cat without first introducing yourself to him. You shouldn’t hug him because he’s an animal; you should hug him because he’s your beloved pet. Just like we wouldn’t pamper any other animal as if it were our pet, we shouldn’t pamper our cats as if they were pets.

Do cats understand that you love them?

Yes, I do understand the concept of love. Especially, it is a known fact that Cats release oxytocin and the love hormone similar to us.

I hope now you have an answer to your question Do Cats Understand Kisses.


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