Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes?

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Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes

The question of Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes has been debated across the Internet for decades. Usually, this debate is on forum posts and comment sections of articles. This blog post will explore the history of this debate and present you with evidence from various sources concerning what color cat’s eye color is, whether it has been confirmed if a brown cat can actually have blue eyes, and how to narrow down your answer.

Brown cats can have blue eyes. However, they tend to change with age. It is possible for a brown cat to have blue eyes in adulthood, but it is unlikely.

What Color Eyes Do Brown Cats Have?

A brown cat will often have copper-colored or orange-colored eyes.

If you look at a brown cat you will likely see copper or orange eyes.

Some brown cats may have green eyes. However, fewer brown cats will have them.

This color eye is common in brown cats, regardless of whether or not you are aware.

Next time you see a brown cat, look into their eyes.

You might be mistaken if you think your cat has boring copper-colored iris. It is possible that your cat has flecks of brown and orange in their eyes!

Is It Rare For A Cat To Have Blue Eyes?

It is not common for full-grown cats to have blue eyes.

Blue eyes are a common characteristic of kittens. Cats are born without pigment in their eyes. This means they don’t have blue eyes.

However, most cats lose their blue eyes. It is very rare to see a fully grown cat with blue eyes.

Your cat’s eyes will begin to change around six weeks of age.

Blue eyes are a natural feature of cats. However, some cats will not lose their blue eyes.

Why cats have different Eye colors?

Cats, like other mammals, come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The color of your cat’s eyes can depend on what breed they belong to and how old they are. However, there is no such thing as a “rare” eye color for cats. There is no such thing as a “rare” eye color for cats at all.

A cat’s eye color depends on the amount of pigment found in the iris. The more pigment present, the darker colored their eyes will be; if their pigment levels are low then their eyes will appear light green or blue.

Cat-eye color is determined by the amount of pigment present in their iris (though some breeds have blue eyes as a result of other factors). There are actually three different types of iris pigment or “color”: brown, green and blue.

Each type is present in varying amounts in cats. The iris color (color) of your cat depends on the amount of pigment that is present in their eyes when they are born and what type it is. It is bit important to understand these facts before answering the question Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes.

Brown: Brown eyes usually occur when there is too little melanin, or pigment, for the iris to be clear. Sometimes this happens if the cat is getting too much exposure to light or has had a poor diet. When there is little pigment in the iris, it creates a darkness that may look “dirty.” This can be caused by an illness whereby the cat is eating poorly or receiving too much sunlight. In some cases, you may notice that your cat’s eyes are bloodshot or pink, or appears watery in appearance.

Green: Green eyes occur when there is an abundance of melanin. They tend to be a lighter shade of blue than brown eyes but they usually have no yellowish tinge visible in the iris. Cats with green eyes are often mistaken for being “allergic” to a particular light color, but this is not the case. This can be caused by the cat being fed a diet rich in yellow pigments – too much yellow pigment will give your cat green eyes!

Blue: Blue eyes occur when there is an abundance of both melanin and lipochromes. Cats with blue eyes have strong genes to produce both pigments at once but they also can be caused by too much light exposure or a poor diet rich in yellow pigments. There are many breeders that claim that cats with blue eyes may have some sort of genetic mutation because of their rarity. However, blue eyes are very common in many breeds and they occur in cats of all colors. Cats may have blue eyes because of the amount of melanin present in the iris (brown or green) or because their lipochromes are out of balance.

As stated above, there is no such thing as an “extremely rare” eye color for cats. There is no such thing as a “rare” eye color for cats at all. The cat’s iris color depends on both the amount of pigment that is already there when it is born and has to do with what type it is so there is no way to tell how ‘rare’ any particular one might be.

What Eye Color Is Most Common In Cats?

The iris is what defines the color of your cat’s eye. They can choose from green, yellow, yellow, lemon, amber, copper, and even mixed colors. You can see the spectrum in our image below. Also, you can see what unusual colors could be found in your cat’s eyes.

With that being said, the most common eye colors in cats are:

  • Green
  • Yellow/ Orange
  • Hazel/ Brown
  • Mixed colored

Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Yes, As we discussed above, Brown cats can have blue eyes. But it is very rare to find a brown cat with blue eyes.

Below are some of the Brown Cat Breeds that can have blue eyes.


Siamese cat eye color is a naturally occurring pattern in the iris of Siamese cats that consists of one black and one blue eye. As with many other cats, Siamese eyes are blue at birth but darken to a color close to black as they mature. It is not uncommon for the two eyes to be of different colors.

With some Siameses being mostly one color and others being mostly the other, it can be difficult to predict how an individual cat will look at any given point in its life. There are also some reported cases where two or more cats have been born with both colors present and without any visible difference between them.


The Persian cat’s eye color is deep blue, honey, yellow or amber. The color may vary from light to dark depending on the shade of your nose and lip pigment.

Persian cats have a range of eye colors, all of which are associated with the fur coat types: seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point and redpoint. Eye colors can be a variety of shades including orangey-brown to blue-green. This variation is because the gene that determines the eye color also interacts with two other genes that dictate coat coloration – Agouti and Silver – as well as Melanin type 3 (which dictates black fur).


If you are looking for a brown cat that has blue eyes, it will be a difficult search. This article will not be too technical as it can quickly become confusing. If you want to know how a brown cat can have blue eyes then read on! However if you are wondering Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes, the answer is yes, but it is very rare.




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