Are Chickens Good Pets? Top 10 Facts To Think of!

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Are Chickens Good Pets

Are Chickens Good Pets? : In Current World, there are a plethora of domesticated animals for sale: rabbits, cats and dogs. Among these pets, however, one stands out as the most popular: chickens. Chickens have been bred over generations to be easy to take care of and allow people to mimic farm life in their own homes. Because they can be contained easily and require only minimal space, they are one of the most common household pets. Are chickens good pets?

1. Do you have enough time to spend with the chicken?

You need to be able to devote a decent amount of time and attention  to your  chicken pets. They’re still animals after all, which means they’ll need food, water, shelter and exercise – let alone all the cuddles and love they can get! Chickens are social animals (especially the hens) so they crave human interaction too. If you don’t think you can make these kind of commitments for each of your chickens then maybe you should consider another pet instead!

2. Can everyone in your family look after them?

Chickens aren’t domesticated like dogs or cats, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for you to teach them to be well behaved. You’ll need to dedicate some time daily for this though, and children should be supervised around the chickens at all times until you’re confident they know what they can and can’t do with your pets. If there’s anyone in your family who doesn’t want anything to do with the chickens then it might not be worth taking on more than one or two – otherwise life could get a little chaotic!

3. Do you have enough room in your garden?

It might seem like a good idea at first: buy yourself some chickens and let them free range in your garden looking after any bugs that come their way! The thing is, chickens poop A LOT . So if you don’t think there’s enough space in your garden for them, or you don’t want to be cleaning up after them all the time, then it may not work out.

These facts will help you to answer the question Are Chickens Good Pets!

4. Which type of chickens are best?

You’ll find that there’s several different breeds of chicken that come in both male and female versions (some even come in coop versions). Some can get broody too which means they love to sit on eggs – which is great if you’re looking at hatching some of your own!

5. Will you need a rooster?

This is one point that a lot of people assume: ‘oh I need a rooster because I want fertile eggs’. The fact is this isn’t true, because hens will lay eggs without a rooster present anyway. This is called a ‘clutch’ and is a perfectly viable way of producing eggs for yourself! If you don’t mind not having fertile eggs then a rooster is completely unnecessary – just be aware that hens will start to go broody from about 20 weeks onwards, which means they become extremely attached to their eggs and may attack you if you try to remove them!

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6. What’s the correct way to feed chickens?

Chickens need fresh water daily  with access  to good quality food , but the frequency with which they eat depends on their age and breed. If you have multiple chickens in your flock it’s worth thinking about how you’ll split up the so everyone has a bit of food each. They also need grit in their diet to help them digest their food properly, but you need to be careful with how much you give them – too much and they’re more likely to eat their own eggs!

7. Do they need vaccinations?

When thinking about the question Are Chickens Good Pets another thing we have to consider is whether they need vaccinations. This depends on where you live and what chickens you have. In the UK it’s unlikely that your chicken will need vaccinations as they tend to be pretty tough little birds, but if you think you might want to take them away then bear this in mind!

8. Can you cope with your chickens going broody?

Hens can go broody for between 20 and 30 weeks of age which means they’re likely to sit on their eggs rather than lay more. When they do this they become extremely difficult so handle so may peck at you or even scratch – sometimes even injuring themselves in the process! If your hens start becoming broody seriously consider removing them from the flock as soon as possible. 

9. What type of housing do they need?

There are a couple of options for housing chickens, and each of them has a different pros and cons. If you want to keep your birds inside then you’ll need a large coop that can house 2 or 3 chickens comfortably. You’ll also need an area of the garden that’s surrounded by wire mesh on top at least half a metre high – this will allow them to free range but still keeps predators out! If you’re keeping the coop outside then you’ll need to provide insulation from the elements so it won’t be suitable for all year round living. Are Chickens Good Pets, considering these fact I think so!

10. How old must my hens be before they start laying eggs?

This depends on which breed of chicken you have specifically, but for most it’ll be around 20 weeks. If you have a breed that takes a few years before they start laying then this is going to seriously effect your egg situation!

I hope this provides some inspiration for those of you thinking about getting chickens as pets – obviously you need to think carefully about all. Hope this post helped you to answer the question Are Chickens Good Pets!

Written by Julianne Smith
I’m an experienced vet who is working mainly with shelter animals. I’ve helped many animals overcome their fear of the vet, taught them how to use the litter box, and treated them for countless diseases. I hope that my writing can help you take better care of your animal companions! Profile
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