AnimalBlog.net was created to show our affection to animal cuties in the environment.

We are a team of two who loves researching, blogging about animals. We are constantly reading new articles on Internet. Usually we discuss together and decide on the best topics to write.

Also we love giving out tips for people to take better care of their loving pets. Actually we love writing about all the animals including insects.

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Juilanne Smith

I’m the main writer and owner of this blog. I’m currently looking after my pet Dog, Cat, and the sneaky Hamster. I have written multiple detailed articles about pets and their lifestyle.

Also, I have been visiting Palmetto Guide Dogs center quite frequently since 2018 to observe and take care of dogs.

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David Roosewelt

I’m the Co-author and Smith’s assitant. I’m helping Juilanne to collect information about animals and product quality articles.

Pets? Well I own a huge fish tanks, and “Husky” which is actually a Husky Dog.