10 Cute Small Monkey Breeds, Can they become your pet?

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Tiny Monkey pet

No doubt Small Monkey Breeds are the cutest. In this post, we will go through some Small Monkey Breed which has the capability of becoming your next pet. Also, you can find much valuable information about them!

Before Start in following table you can find Cute Small Monkey Breeds.

BreedSize (In Inches)
Common Marmosets8”
Pygmy Marmosets8”
Squirrel Monkeys33”
White-Faced Sakis12-20”
Night Monkeys25”
Vervet Monkeys16-20”

Can Monkeys Be Pets?

Yes, Monkeys can become pets. However, there are facts you must consider before.

First of all, currently is working hard to ban keeping monkeys as pets in the household. However, still you are able to purchase several kind of monkey species legally in some of the states. This will change in near future and there will be much more restrictions.

However, Assuming that you are legally able to puchase them as a pet you must considered following before doing so.

  • They can be not friendly. (Sometimes this doesn’t even change over time.)
  • Some do not like to cuddle.
  • Cleaning them can be an issue, especially since some will never pee outside.
  • Most species are very strong, this makes them hard to control.
  • Need a lot of space and attention.
  • Very Expensive and exotic.

AS mentioned above monkey can be very expensive. Not only purchasing the monkey but also keeping it healthy can be very expensive. This is the main reason why we don’t see many monkeys as pets.

The most important fact is that monkeys a very long lifetime. It can be something from 20 to 30 year. Well, this is a very long time period. This means you have to dedicate a long period for this kind of pets. If you are ready for that kind of commitment you will be fine.

Common Marmosets

marmoset 1

According to the research I did on the internet there are around 22 types of monkeys in Marmosets breed. They are typically 20 centi meters long. They do look like big squirrels. Also, keep in mind that they have claws instead of nails. This helps them to grab into trees.

Pygmy Marmosets

Cute Small Monkey Breeds
Pygmy Marmosets

The Pygmy Marmosets looks very cute. Well, they do look like owls. So one might even think they are somekind of a bird.

These hairy bird looking cute monkeys have a very intense look in their face. But it makes them cuter.

When compared this is one of the tiniest breed of monkeys which can be used as pets. Normally they are between 14- 16 centimeters long.

Sometimes these monkeys are referred as “finger monkeys” because of their tiny size.

Are finger monkeyS good pets?

Well, as we mentioned above all the monkeys are special and needs a lot of attention. A lot!

Keep in mind that finger monkeys can be aggressive when they grow. So don’t let that cute googly eye decieve you.

Also since this breed is very social, it is very hard for a finger monkey to stay alone. At least they will need a companion they love. Otherwise, they might become more and more aggressive with time.

how much finger monkeyS Cost

According to finger monkeys costs around $1,500-$4,000 each. That’s why we mentioned monkeys are very expensive and exotic.

Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkeys

The Squirrel Monkeys are originated from rain forests situated in areas of South America and Central America. They are very furry and have small pitch-black eyes. This breed has five different kinds but all of them look alike and have fur. These kinds of Small Monkey Breeds can live up to 25 years.

Are Squirrel Monkeys Nocturnal?

Actually, no. Squirrel Monkeys are not Nocturnal. As human they are diurnal. Thats means as all of us they sleep at night and active in the day time.

Are Squirrel Monkeys Good Pets?

As usual, these kinds of monkeys are also hard to look after. Specially they rarely will learn how to poop in the same spot. Also, they have a hectic lifestyle and very active. So if don’t have a proper way to release their energy they will acting crazy. They might even play with poop.

Are Squirrel Monkeys Smart?

Yes, Squirrel Monkeys are considered one of the cleverest monkey species. According to This is since they have a larger brain when compare with their body size.



Capuchins are a collection of small monkeys with somewhat long tails that can be used to wrap around tree branches. From our list, this breed is the most famous. This is because we can see this species frequently in movies. Especially in Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, they look intelligent and cute at the same time.

They are actually intelligent, and smart. Also as with many other species, they are very social. They do better in groups.

Capuchins can live up to 40 years. So before you are considering them as your pet think about that long bond you are signing.

Well, if you are ready for that kind of commitment, you will have to prepare your mind to clean their poop for 40 years since they will never learn to poop, urine in the same spot as cats.


Guenons e1604749874997

There are more than 25 Guenons species. Almost all of them are between 42-56 centimeters in length.

No doubt, they have a very old grandfather’s look. But they are fluffy and cute in a way. They are very colorful animals. Most often they have fur consists of red, green, or yellow. This is the main reason why many people want them as pets.

On other hands, who can forget their tiny nose and the pink mouth.

Mainly these monkeys live in jungles in West Africa. Like any other monkey, they also feed on fruits, leaves, and other plants. They weigh over 7 KG when fully grown. But some other small species can only have around 2 KG.

Guenons are very expensive monkeys to have as pets. looking after them can be very hard and exhausting. Simply put there is very little you can enjoy having this species as a pet. Also, they live up to 30 years. (

Macaques – Cute Small Monkey Breeds


Macaques are often used a Guinea pigs. (for animal testing of human products.) There are around 25 species of Macaques breed. This is because they are very close to humans. They have most of the characteristics of a human.

Usually, they are between 17-29 inches in size and have an average weight of 10Kg. This means adult monkeys can become big in size.

They will live for at least 20 to 30 years. So for this animal also you will need to have a long-term relationship. Also since they are very social you should consider having at least two of them.

According to Wikipedia, these monkeys are mostly living in (originated) Sri Lanka, India, Afganistan, and some other southeast Asian countries. They love to eat leaves, fruits, and sometimes insects. Also, I have personally seen these animals eating bread and rice also.

White-Faced Sakis

saki monkey 3301667 640 1

Well, these monkeys look a bit weird. Doesn’t it? These animes are very furry. They can grow to an average between 12-20 inches in length.

While there are many species of Saki monkeys White-Faced Sakis are the most popular due to its odd look and its white face.

They grow in several rain forests in Central & South America, Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. Rarely they do move into lands. That means most of its life Sakis will be living on trees. They are “tree monkeys”. Even though they depend on fruits, they do eat insects.

They have a lifespan of 14 years and 35 years.

Night Monkeys

night monkey 1422082 1280 1

Even though, Night Monkeys looks like Racoons there are known as “Owl Monkeys”. There are 2 species of Owl monkeys and they grow up to 64 centimeters long.

They got the above name since they are Nocturnal. This means that mostly they are active at night. And in the daylight, they sleep or rest. The special thing is that they have eyes that glow at night. This is because they have a special affected reflective layer behind the retina to help to see clearly at night. Some say these are more evolved species of monkeys because of this special layer.

They mainly eat fruit, leave and insects. They are originated from central and south in America.

Are Pet Monkeys Legal In My State?

Now this is the real question!

As I mentioned above is working hard to ban using Monkeys AKA primates as pets. Their opinion is that it is very cruel to use them as pets.

So far the RSPCA have already gathered around 60,000 signatures in to make it illegal to keep monkeys as pets in the U.K.

Bue lets talk about USA. Following are the list of States you can legally have monkey as a pet.

  • Nevada
  • Idaho
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

Also, it is said that you might need to have a license in some states. So you better ask your local authorities before buying your pet monkey.


Having a monkey as your pet is a very hard, both time and money consuming task. Also since monkeys have a very long life span you will have to commit to the relationship sometimes more than 30 years. Also don’t expect your pet monkey to act as your pet dog or cat. These animals are very hard to tame and sometimes they won’t even let you cuddle them.

However, I hope my article Cute Small Monkey Breeds helped you!



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